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National Implementation Plan


The CFI operationalization process led to the development of the CFI implementation plan through a participatory and inclusive approach, with relevant public and private sector institutions (Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Water and Forests, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development) Ministry of Employment and Social Protection, Coffee-Cocoa Council, REDD+ Executive Secretariat, private sector and civil society partners).

The Cocoa & Forests Initiative, a public-private partnership platform, focuses on the promotion of intensive cocoa farming and agroforestry, forest preservation and restoration, and social inclusion in cocoa producing areas.

The implementation plan was adopted in November 2018 by the CFI Steering Committee. Its implementation was to unfold over two (2) phases:

  • A three-year pilot phase (2018-2020) with a budget of 126 billion CFA francs, or 193 million euros, not including the budgets of companies in the cocoa and chocolate industry; the pilot phase concerns fivepriority regions: Nawa, La Mé, Cavally, Guémon and San Pedro;
  • A ten (10) year expansion phase (2021- 2030).

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