The Cocoa and Forests Initiative is an active commitment between the major cocoa-producing countries, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, and the chocolate and cocoa industry to eliminate deforestation and restore forest areas by prohibiting further conversion of forest land for cocoa production.

The implementation of the Cocoa & Forests Initiative began in January 2018 in five priority regions, namely: La Mé, Nawa, Cavally, San Pedro and Guémon. These regions were identified based on criteria related to forest preservation, cocoa production and population density. The overall objective of the Cocoa & Forests Initiative is to stop deforestation and forest degradation related to cocoa and to promote forest restoration.


The specific objectives of the Cocoa & Forests Initiative are:

In 2007 The Prince of Wales launched the Prince’s Rainforest Project to address the issue of tropical deforestation.


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